Collaboration Readiness
Our Guidelines for a Successful Corporate Start-up Collaboration

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I'm a Corporate
Strategic Collaboration with Start-ups

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I'm a Start-up
Strategic Collaboration with Corporates

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For corporates

Strategic collaboration with start-ups

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Step 1

Find your reason why

The initial step each corporate should take is to ask what they want to achieve by collaborating with a start-up company. This chapter will present the most common reasons for corporates to collaborate with start-ups.
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Step 2

Get ready to collaborate

This chapter will give an overview of important points to consider before starting an actual collaboration with a start-up.
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Step 3

Identify start-ups

Identifying the right start-ups is critical for successful collaboration. It is therefore crucial to think about and define clear processes and guidelines for choosing the most promising teams.
Corporate - Identify Start-ups
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Step 4

Manage the collaboration

After thorough preparation and selection of the start-up, you are now ready to take the final and most important step – kick off the collaboration!
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For start-ups

Strategic collaboration with corporates

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Step 1

Find your reason why

The first step each start-up should take is to ask themselves what they want to achieve by collaborating with an established organisation.
Start-ups - Find Your Reason Why
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Step 2

Get ready to collaborate

If you are planning to collaborate with an established company, you need to be prepared. This chapter will provide you and your start-up with necessary information and helpful templates to get ready.
Start-ups - Get Ready to Collaborate
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Step 3

Contact the corporate

Getting in contact with an established company aiming for a successful and sustainable collaboration is something you should not underestimate. In this section we guide you on your way to contact the corporate.
Start-ups - Contact the Corporate
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Step 4

Let’s get started – with a pilot project

It is very common – and advisable – to conduct a smaller scale pilot project (also called a Proof of Concept or POC) before starting off a long-term collaboration with an established corporation.
Start-ups - Pilot project

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