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Building successful ventures

Launching, developing, and growing a start-up requires a lot of effort and time. Methodologies and frameworks help to structure and accelerate the venturing challenge successfully.

Our training and workshops support teams to effectively solve the small and big challenges of all start-ups:

  • From idea to product: Prototyping & Solution Building

  • Identifying your customers: Customer Discovery & Development

  • Finding the right market: Design your market entry strategy

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Ideation & Design Thinking


The Ideation and Design Thinking workshop is for teams and individuals who want to learn a proven, systematic approach to defining and finding solutions to ill-defined problems. The process puts unmet customer needs at the center, and every step brings you closer to solving the problem. In this learning journey, you will understand the concepts that drive design thinking and idea creation, you will identify customer needs and user groups, translate those requirements into specifications and learn how to create a prototype resulting in crystalize feasible solutions.
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Value Proposition Canvas


The Value Proposition Canvas workshop aims to design a customer-centric solution, with a walk-through of the Value Proposition Canvas tool. The Value Proposition Canvas helps visualize the value proposition and ensures that it maps to the customers' needs. It identifies high-value jobs, including functional, emotional, and social aspects, evaluates "Problem-Solution Fit" and needs and pains, also known as jobs-to-be-done.
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Development of Personas


The Persona workshop teaches how to derive a fictional character created to represent a set of users that will react in a particular way to your marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion). You learn to form a specific, consistent understanding of your audience, using a human persona to create empathy using tools such as empathy maps.
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Hypothesis Testing


New ideas work with a series of untested hypotheses, and lean start-ups fail fast, learn and adjust those hypotheses. You'll learn to move in an iterative process to validate a critical assumption of the start-up idea with cheap and fast experiments to improve quickly. Every experiment will reduce risks and will help to make informed decisions based on collected insights - decisions to abandon or change.
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Market Opportunity Navigator Method


This workshop session equips you with Market Opportunity Navigator, a proven method by over 600 start-ups to identify significant market opportunities and segments. Figure out and evaluate the potential and valuable market opportunities. Develop an agile strategy for the primary focus market, growth, or manage risk with plan B options. Based on the identified market, you can then find your target groups, competition and develop the value proposition from the customer perspective, jobs to be done, needs, pains, and how your technology solves their problems. Followed by creating assumptions and generating testable hypotheses.
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Market Entry Strategy


A market entry is a critical event for any start-up. It is the moment of truth. For a successful market entry, everything needs to blend in smoothly: product, customer, channels, and promotion. In this training, we'll help you build your market entry strategy.
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