The Ghanaian Ecosystem
On the Fast Lane

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The Ghanaian innovation ecosystem is expected to be one of the leading hotspots for entrepreneurship in Africa over the next few years. A high interest in technical innovations, as well as an intrinsic motivation to change the country through entrepreneurship, has resulted in fertile ground for long-term developments. Find out more about ongoing developments and hot topics, as well as getting access to potential partners on site.

Key insights of the Ghanaian Innovation Ecosystem

  • Large numbers of highly motivated and educated talents

  • The Ghanaian ecosystem is expected to grow at a very high speed within the next decade

  • Political interest in entrepreneurship is currently increasing, allowing the ecosystem to prosper

The Ghanaian Ecosystem at a glance

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Best practice example

The Ghanaian ecosystem may seem far away and comparatively hard to enter, but in fact, it depends on the entry method you choose. Therefore, we have spoken to an on-site innovation center representative about his suggestion on how to enter the Ghanaian ecosystem.

I suggest using one of the various Ghanaian start-up hubs on site as an entry gate. Tell them your needs and who you are. Usually the hubs screen their community and recommend suitable start-ups for you.

This process secures the credibility of the start-up and increases the efficiency of the scouting process.

Jorge Appiah, Ghana TechLab

What makes the Ghanaian Innovation Ecosystem unique?

  • Ghanaian entrepreneurs show enormous enthusiasm and passion for their idea and their work.

  • There is comparatively easy access to market, technology, know-how and high-performing start-ups.

  • There are promising local investment opportunities and access to interesting discussion partners

  • Ghana has adapted very smoothly to disruptive technologies (e.g. mobile payment is used for more than 50% of all transactions)

  • Comparatively small investments can contribute to big changes and developments, not to mention the knowledge of a fascinating culture