Persona Development

Learn what personas are and why they are an essential tool throughout your start-up journey. Gain relevant knowledge to create your own detailed personas in a systematic way.

Development of personas

Target Groups: Female founders, Founders, Start-ups

Area of Focus: customer

Next Date: October 27, 2022

Duration: 9 am -11 am

Training Location : Online

Learning Goals: Understand the importance of personas, learn how to create personas and gather the right information, and make the first step to develop your marketing and sales actions.

Language: English

Format : Workshop

Requirements for Facilitation : Beachhead market defined

Optional Requirements : Elaborated market opportunity navigator, and elaborated value proposition canvas


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Dimitra Papadopoulou

Dimitra Papadopoulou

Workshop Design and Facilitation

Topics of interest:

New Tech and Trends
Marketing & Communication
TEDx, Books ♥