Business Model Canvas Training

A Business Model summarizes all parts of a company, from customer segments to key partners as well as cost structure and revenue streams. It allows stakeholders to convey fundamental information to interested parties by making use of a highly transparent and simplifying tool: The Business Model Canvas. The latter will be explained and put into practice throughout the Business Model Canvas Workshop. Participants will be challenged to consider business-related topics beyond their product and value proposition and therefore gain a greater overview of all facets of their venture idea. Finally, the session may also help founders to realize potential opportunities or areas to work on.

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Business Model Canvas

Target Groups: Founders, Start-ups, Female founders

Area of Focus: market, product, customer

Next Date: December 5, 2022

Duration: 2 pm - 5pm

Max. Number of Teams : 6

Training Location : Online

Learning Goals: Learn how to fill out the Business Model Canvas, realize opportunities, and gain an overview of all facets of the business idea.

Language: English

Application Requirements: You have to be associated with TUM Venture Labs or other TUM programs. Please mark, XPLORE Batch #3 2022 Participants are enrolled automatically.

Requirements for facilitation : Value Proposition Canvas completed, Persona created, Beachhead Market decision made, Participation as a team

Training Prerequisites : Training Sessions Value Proposition, Persona Development, Hypotheses Testing, and Customer Interviews completed

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Lisa Schebitz

Lisa Schebitz

Workshop Design and Coaching

I am passionate about enabling people and teams to discover their full potential and entrepreneurial power to create innovative and purpose-driven businesses.

Topics of interest:

Identifying market opportunities, developing values propositions, optimizing pitch decks, pitching skills, coaching start-up teams, and entrepreneurial talents, conceptualizing and implementing trainings, workshops and events. MedTech, Digital Health, and Urban Mobility.