International Market Exploration

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Kickstart your international start-up journey

We support tech teams and start-ups to go international. Our services help you gain first international experience through collaboration with start-ups and founders, or by exploring the German market with Munich as a gateway.

What we offer:

  • Exchange programs to internationally collaborate as an entrepreneur

  • International programs to explore the Munich innovation ecosystem

  • International events to engage with start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporates and investors

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program


European exchange program for entrepreneurs
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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global Program


Exchange program for European entrepreneurs to Israel, USA, Canada, and Singapore
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Landing Pad


Customizable start-up development program for international cohorts
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Munich Global Impact Sprint


6-months program helping international entrepreneurs and teams to start their tech business in Munich. In cooperation with the three local universities, their respective entrepreneurship centers, and MUC Summit.
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Intercultural Awareness

Input Session

Input session on the dynamics of intercultural interactions and the influence of culture on communication and behavior
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Remote Culture and Collaboration

Input Session

Get a common understanding of your company's and team’s culture incl. vision, purpose, and values.
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International Entrepreneurs´ Night


Unique meeting place for Munich’s entrepreneurial network and international guests featuring international role model metropoles that share their take on innovation and liveable cities.
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