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We enable the people side of tech start-ups!

The core of any venture is its team. The better equipped the team is to work cohesively on problems and adequate solutions, the higher are the chances of succeeding. Team culture and values guide any team to actively pursue the most daring of all challenges.

We provide support and services in all relevant areas and stages to build and develop high-performing teams:

  • Becoming an entrepreneurial leader

  • Building powerful team culture and values

  • Growing together as a team while upgrading the performance level

  • Attracting new team members to join the mission as you grow

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Negotiation Training


Learn the importance of interest based negotiation, gain skills and tools that will help you to manage challenging conversations and negotiations.
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Entrepreneurial Leadership & Self-Empowerment


Combine modern human resources with tech entrepreneurship best practices. Develop your leadership style and empower your own skills to be the best entrepreneur you can be.
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TeamUp Basic


Lay the foundation for your team's success. Learn how to shape a strong and productive team culture with a highly collaborative team dynamic. Gain insights into individual and collective expectations to strengthen your team alignment and build a winning team.
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TalentUp Basic

Input Session

Learn where to find new team members and how to approach them. Understand how your employer branding and culture can support your recruiting needs.
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Effective Teams


Optimize your executive team, learn how to support and motivate each other without spending any money. Get insights on keeping communication, culture, and performance up whatever you are facing. Learn how to build a transparent and agile culture that makes you fit for all future challenges.
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