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Start-up Services offers on-demand training and guidance for tech start-ups to launch, develop, or grow their business.

  • Impactful training for start-up development in various topic areas.

  • Overview and access to the UnternehmerTUM start-up ecosystem.

  • Comprehensive guidance on start-up development topics.


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We at Startup-Services are obsessively passionate about start-ups! As a team, we are committed to empower and support early-stage ventures along their journey by providing actionable training, feedback, guidance, and our valuable community. Our excellence is rooted in our vibrant team. We believe in blending our diverse strengths, our founder and start-up experiences, as well as our innovation backgrounds together, combining our creative minds to offer the best support for your start-up success.

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There are four things you absolutely need for a successful tech start-up: A great product, a hard-working team, a valuable support-network, and most importantly excited customers.

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